My Best Innovation

This is my central idea : The world changes due to natural processes and human innovations

We learned that..

  • Cars have innovated
  •  I learned what innovation means
  • I  learned how to make a innovations

A piece of work I want to share bellow. I chose this because I have learned a lot about it and it is my favourite piece of work. I learned how to make an innovation.

TASK: Try making a innovation for your self.


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people of determination!

People of determination are people that have problems with there body or brain.

for example, people like Beethoven. were depth but did amazing things. Beethoven play music and he was depth.

Some people I know have problems that can not be cured. Like my mom. she

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Roblox : criminal vs cop

Don’t you get sick of getting beat up by your friends in a game? Well… I got beat in Roblox witch you guys probable know…

By my friend Joshua. In the game criminals vs swat. I was criminal and he was swat. When I tried my first time to rob the bank, I past though all the layers and robed the bank and I was successful. when I was planing to rob the bank a second time, but then Joshua came up to me and killed me with a gun, but Joshua put a tracker on me when I did not know. When I respond in the game, I walk out of my base and then some one sniped me!, I did not know who it was, but I though it was a coincidence. I walk out of my base AGAIN and got sniped! I started to get annoyed by who ever kept sniping me, so I opened chat and saw people saying “who is this guy who snipe?” So in my Brain I though it was some one hiding up in the air. I looked up but saw nothing there. But then on the edge of a huge rock I saw a guy with blue long hair witch reminded me oh Joshua because Joshua in the game had blue hair. So I came up to see it in a close up to him. It was Joshua!

So that’s when I knew I needed to get better at the game….

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I have wrote many different types of stories but the one I want to show you is my favourite one. I leaned how to write a good realistic fiction story in grade 4SD. I was a type of person who love writing and I was a thinker at that time.

The story I want to show is called THE FLIPPING BOY


I could improve on my idea making by:

  • Doing a brain storm of ideas.
  • Asking other people.
  • Look into a website.
  • Look in other peoples ideas.

What would you like to call my story?

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innovation made by innovators

Are you future innovators?  Think about it after I tell you this.

Innovators are people that take stuff that have been invented and try to make new things.  Thats what I did yesterday with my partner yousef. We made the EXTENDO STRAW.


we used 5 straws, scissors and tape,  to make it and I am telling you, it is not easy. Me and my partner took for ever to put the tape on. We were about to give up, until we finally did it.


Its solves a problem for lazy people. what if the lazy person wants to drink from him water bottle but the water bottle is on the other side of the table, and thats when the extendo straw comes in. the lazy person takes his extendo straw and he extends his straw to his water bottle.

And at the end of the day it fun making. And comment what you think about me and yousefs innovation.

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my reading reflection!

Click HERE for my reflection.



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Trimester 1 Math Reflection


to see my blog post go to this link.


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how do I respect others?

I show self respect by

  • being clean
  • being on time for school

I respect others

  • I am kind and I am not rude
  • being clean
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favourite music

I like this type of music because it makes me forget about all the bad stuff that happened.

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welcome to my new blog!

*welcome to my blog*

this is a song i like.

tell in the comments , if you like it and maybe I will put more of these types of songs.


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