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Last week we learned about the Cinco de Mayo.  Students learned about traditions and how people celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  We had our own fiesta on Wednesday! (We also were celebrating finishing our teaching books!)

Students learned how to make guacamole and got to taste it as well! Mrs. Callie, came in and taught students all about guacamole! I was super impressed with all the students who were risk takers and tried it, even if they didn’t like it!  We learned a dance and listened to mariachi music while playing maracas.  Students also got to taste tacos, which was graciously donated by Noor’s mom.  Thank you! The students loved them. Their favorite thing of all was to do the piñata.  Overall, it was a wonderful thing to watch the students be open-minded to try new things and learn about a different celebration!

Students inquiring about guacamole before it is made.


Making it!

Being risk takers and trying something new!


Ms. Jones’ fourth grade class came in to join our fiesta! Our class was able to share their teaching books with the fourth graders and answer questions they had about their topic.  I truly enjoy listening to their conversations about their writing and see their faces light up as they show off their work.


Middle of the Year Assessments

Throughout the next two weeks, we will be collecting middle of the year data on each student to look at their growth.  This data will help guide my instruction in small groups to help meet each of the students needs. Assessments are as follow:

MAPS Assessment: 

Tuesday- Reading MAPS 9:55- 11:20

Thursday- Math MAPS 9:55- 11:20

PM Reading Benchmarks: Students will read a book and answer questions.  This will take place over the course of the next two weeks, in between lessons and small groups.

Spelling Inventory: Next week students will take the spelling inventory (same as beginning) to look and see what patterns they have mastered and which patterns we need to continue to work on.

After assessments have been completed, I will be setting up conferences to discuss students progress and things that we will be working on in the classroom to help guide their learning.  I will also be able to give you items or strategies to work on at home, as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thanks!


UAS and the Special Needs Future Development Center of Dubai, are inviting the school community and EVERYONE in the area to come out on Friday, January 26and enjoy a fun filled day and learn more about ways we can all support this special need. UAS is hosting this at our school!
Below is the SNF mission and we, at UAS are strongly supporting these efforts.
Who We Are: The Special Needs Future Development Center focuses on empowering young adults with special needs. By offering personalized and professional support to students above the age of fourteen years, SNF strives to aid them in becoming self-sufficient, personally, and professionally.

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year!  I hope you have had a great three weeks.  It was great to see all the students today and hear all about their exciting adventures.

Today, the Unit 4 graded IPP’s went home.  This assessment was given before we went on break.  We will be reviewing these skills over the next couple of weeks.  Tomorrow the Unit 5 IPP will go home with the IXL assignments for our upcoming unit.  In Unit 5 we will be working on place value using Base 10 blocks, comparing numbers, and solving addition and subtraction word problems.

Tomorrow we will be starting our new Unit of Inquiry over Celebrations.  Click below to view the information regarding this new unit.

UOI Celebrations

Students will continue to participate in PE for the next two weeks.

Book bags will begin going home tomorrow.  I have placed new books that we will be using during small group instruction that you are welcome to read and practice their fluency at home.

If you have any questions or need any other support, please do not hesitate to ask.

PJs and Food Donations!

Thursday is the last day before the winter break. School will dismiss at 12:00.  Students are welcome to participate in Pajama Day and wear their favorite PJs.  We will be having a small holiday party that will be from 10:45 – 11:45, where students can eat snacks and play some festive games. Parents, can you please bring in one item of food to donate to the class for our party on Thursday! Thank you for all of your support this trimester! I am so lucky to have a great bunch of students and parents! I wish you all a wonderful break and a Happy New Year.

Off to the farm we go…

We had a fabulous time last Thursday on our field trip to the farm.  The students participated in a lot of hands on learning about our Unit of Inquiry while enjoying a wonderful day outside. Here are a few snapshots from our visit to the farm.  Thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers that were able to come on the field trip with us!

Junior Scorpion Swim Team Sign Up

Junior Scorpion Development Swim Team

Dear Parents,

We are now accepting registration for the Junior Scorpions Development swim team.  This team will practice every Thursday beginning Jan 11 from 3:15 – 4:15pm. Late bussing will be  available but may not start until the middle of January so students must be picked up on Jan 11th. It is important to be at the first practice as our first swim meet is Jan 23rd.

Due to the size of the pool, we can only take a maximum of 25 students.   Students must be able to swim 25m (a full length of the pool) comfortably to be considered for this team.

Here is a possible list of swim meets we will be attending: Only students ready for competition will be entered. UAS will provide bussing to and from these events.

Tuesday Jan 23 @ American School of Dubai;  from 4 – 5:45pm

Friday Feb 16 @ Dubai American Academy;  from 8:15 – 1pm

Thursday Mar 15 @ Universal American School; from 4- 5:45pm

Fri and Sat Apr 27/28 at Hamdan (MEUC)

Thursday May 3 @ Gems World Academy;  from 1- 4pm (grade 1-3 only)

Monday May 7 @American School of Dubai;  from 4 – 5:45pm

Please click on the link below to register.

Ms Terry

Aquatics Director


Photographs Needed!

Our next Unit of Inquiry starts after the break. In January, we will be discussing the theme of how we express ourselves.  The central idea is “celebrations bring people together.”  I would like to gather pictures of the children and their families participating in different celebrations. We will display the photos in the hallway and around the room, and we will be using the pictures throughout the unit to guide discussions.  If possible, please send in between 1-3 photos of your child participating in a celebration, or email them to me and I will print them out. Please send in at least one photo in as soon as possible (to be display on the hallway bulletin board).  If you have any questions, please contact me.

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