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This week in 1KP!

I hope y’all had a fabulous three day weekend! I was excited to come back and see all the students excited to learn today! ūüôā

Below is some information regarding this week:

Home LearningРThere will be no home learning this week.  Students can continue to work on the one from the previous week and turn it in as they finish it.

RamadanР The Ramadan schedule will begin after the announcement has been made.  Please see previous post about how our schedule has changed.  I will be putting another Ramadan letter in the HW folders of students that I have not received back.

Math Unit 9РWe are starting Unit 9 today.  Below is the IPP and the IXL information that goes along with this unit.  I will be sending home the Unit 8 assessment soon.

Reader’s Theater– In reading we are working on becoming characters and sounding like them. ¬†We are participating in reader’s theater as a way to support this learning. ¬†Your child has a book and a character that they may choose to practice at home. ¬†It is not required for them to memorize, as they will be reading it from the book.

Upcoming Events:

Map Testing:

May 23- Reading

May 27- Math

Ramadan Information

This afternoon a note regarding Ramadan went home.  Please kindly fill out the information.  Also, I am attaching our Ramadan schedule.  There will be one meal time and one recess time each day.  Arabic and Islamic will be on alternating days.  If you have any questions about the schedule, please let me know.

1KP Ramadan Schedule

Exhibition Viewing Trip

During Grade 5, each student participates in exhibition, which is an in depth learning project for them.  Each group has had multiple action plans being shown throughout the building and in the community.  Monday, May 7th is their big showcase to show what they have been researching.  In order to support Grade 5 UAS students and allowing our class to learn about new topics, we will be attending their showcase for about 40 minutes.  The students will be exploring the different projects and participating in what the Grade 5 students have prepared for them.  Bus transportation is provided to and from Dubai Festival City Mall.

We will be going from 10:35- 11:10.  It will not interfere with snack, recess, or lunch.  In order for your student to attend this event, I will need the permission slip return by the morning of May 6th.  There is no cost for this event.

I would love to have 2-3 volunteers to go with us during this event.  We will be splitting up the class in small groups, so that the students have more engagement and individualized time with each Grade 5 group.

Please be on the look out for this permission slip and let me know if you are able to volunteer and come with us to support our Grade 5 students.

Have a great day!



Pencil Drive

The Quality Education grade 5 exhibition group will be hosting a pencil drive¬†this Wednesday,¬†May 2nd. They are collecting¬†pencils (or other school supplies) to donate to Malawi schools. ¬†If you would like to donate to this exhibition’s group action project, please bring them in tomorrow!

Dress up day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a dress up day.  Students are asked to wear traditional or celebration type attire.

Note from the ES Blog:

Hag Al Laila Celebration

This coming Tuesday, May 1st, our elementary school ‚ÄúMoms‚ÄĚ in collaboration with the High School Emirati Club will host a celebration for the UAS traditional celebration for ‚ÄúHag Al Laila‚ÄĚ

Emirati children are celebrating a tradition that is hundreds of years old to mark the arrival of Ramadan, known as Hag Al Laila. ¬†The annual event, which means ‚ÄėFor this Night‚Äô, is one of the Emirati traditional celebrations in the middle of Sha‚Äôaban, the eighth month of the Islamic Hijri calendar, which sees children going from door-to door to sing and collect sweets and treats from neighbors, who have been preparing for the occasion throughout the week.

For the UAS Elementary School Celebration, our ES Moms and Emirati Club have organized the following:

  • All ES students are asked to wear traditional ‚Äúcelebratory‚ÄĚ clothes to school on Tuesday, May 1st.
  • The Grade 3 students will parade through the elementary hallways singing a Hag Al Laila song as taught by the Emirati Club in grade 3 music classes this week. ¬†All Pre K through Grade 5 students will gather outside their classrooms to observe this parade. (if a family does not wish their grade 3 child to participate, please contact Mr. Dorn).
  • Upon conclusion of the parade both the ES Moms and HS Emirati Club will distribute candy to all ES students within the students‚Äô classrooms.
  • Additionally, the HS Emirati Club has set up festive tents to promote cultural awareness, holiday activities and festive foods that grade 3 through grade 5 students may visit during the school day.

Student Led Conferences Information- Please read!

Student Led Conferences are here!  We are excited for you to come in and see all of the work and learning that has gone on so far this year.  Your child is excited to share his/her work and activities that we do in the classroom!  Here are a few reminders and guidelines for Wednesday and Thursday:

* You and your child will come to the room at your schedule time.  Please be on time, so your child will be able to show you around the room and talk to you about their learning the entire 30 minutes.  There are an average of 3 students per time slot.  There is lots of space and activities around the room for your child to share with you.

* Your child will be responsible for guiding you to the different areas that he/she chooses.  I have discussed this with the students and I have instruction in each area to help guide them.  There is also information on my board as well if they need some guidance on what to do or show you. With that being said my job is to watch and enjoy listening to them talking about their learning and showing their work.  I have added a few fun activities for you to participate in as well! I will not be interrupting or guiding them in anyway unless they are completely stuck.

* This conference is intended for the students to show their progress throughout this year and celebrate the learning that has taken place.  We have been looking at their work, discussing what they are proud of, and goals that they have for the remainder of the school year.  Please encourage them to share with you information they have learned and ask them questions.  Students have full control over this conference! They are being risk takers!

* Remember: At the Student Led Conferences I will not be able to answer any personal questions about your child’s academics and progress. ¬†This is not the correct time or place to have conversations about your child, especially with multiple families in the room. ¬†It is an opportunity for your child to share wonderful learning experiences with you. ¬†I am happy to set up a conference the following week to discuss any questions you might have.

I am excited to see the students in action! See you on Wednesday or Thursday!

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