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Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

The counselors at UAS are amazing! Please check out their blog, which is under General Links to the right.  They have a letter about what they will be doing in the classroom during the month of October.

I have attached the Home Link Worksheet, which is a great resource to use with your child after Mr. Fields does his first lesson.  He will be coming in every Tuesday from 10-10:30 to complete a lesson for the month of October.

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  • This week is Back to School Night!  It will be held on October 2nd.  You may choose to attend one of the two presentations, either 3:45 – 4:30 or 5:15- 6:00.  We will be going over the curriculum, classroom procedures, and I will be able to answer any questions you have. Hope to see you there!
  • ASAs start this week. Non-fee classes will not run on Monday, October 2nd due to Back to School Night.
  • Tuesday is early release.  Dismissal time is 2:00.
  • The second UAS Community Faire will be held on Thursday, October 5th from 12-5.

Partner Reading

Last week we continued to practice reading with partners.  The students got the chance to read with Mrs. Yates’s class.  They had a blast doing this and were engaged in their books!




* We have completed swimming as of Wednesday.  Please make sure that students have tennis shoes for PE.

* Tuesday is an early release day.  Students get dismissed at 2:00.

* Please make sure that students are bringing hats and wattle bottles for recess.

* Mark your calendars! Back to School Night is scheduled for October 2nd.

* If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

Last Week Adventures

Last week, students in 1KP were engaged in lots of activities around the school.  Students went to the library for the first time this year.  They were able to check out a new book, which they were encouraged to take home with them.  Students learned last week that there are multiple ways to read a book, whether its through pictures, words, or retelling.  We practiced these ways as we get ready to start rotations this upcoming week.  Here are some snapshots of students.


Students are fully engaged in finding numbers throughout the classroom and also counting different items.  Students participated in a scavenger hunt where they had to use their knowledge of numbers to complete the task.

Keep up the good work 1KP!


Just wanted to share a few friendly reminders for the week:

* Swimming continues this week.  Please make sure they have their swim bags with them!

* Tuesday is early dismissal.  Students pick up time is 2:00 and will dismiss from the classroom.

* No school on Thursday!

Thank you!

Swimming is in full swing!

The students have had the priviledge to start the year off in PE with swimming.  It has been a joy watching them and hearing all about PE when they are finished.  Remember that swimming will continue next week.  Remind students to bring in their swimming gear each day!


Today students learned a little about being an inquirer.  An inquirer is someone who observes, thinks, and makes inferences.  Students were able to be an inquirer during a science experiment involving playdoh.  Here are a few pictures from our activity.

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