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Hello Parents,

Spring Break is here!  I wanted to wish all of you a wonderful break!

I thought this would be a good time to mention something we will need for our last Unit of Inquiry of the year (UOI 6).

Our last UOI for the year is called “Journeys”.  This unit will start until June, but I am sending this to you know because many of you will be traveling over the next two weeks.  This Journeys unit will be geography intense and the students will be studying countries and continents around the world.  One of the projects the students will complete is to write a postcard “from” a country we will have studied.  In order to expose them to what in fact a postcard actually is, I would like to ask of you a favor.

If you are traveling over this spring break:  Would you please send the class a postcard TO UAS from wherever you are? Wherever you travel to, please just pick up a postcard and write to the entire class 1KP.   Please tell us…

*where you are

*what you have seen there

*what it’s like there


Please mail it to UAS from the foreign country if you can. We would like it mailed from the foreign country and not from Dubai so we can have a look at the stamp and date from a post office outside of Dubai.

Please send it to:

Grade 1KP

Ms. Kristen Prideaux

Universal American School Dubai

P.O Box 79133, Al Rashidiya

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you are NOT traveling over this break: You can still help us greatly!! Please contact your child’s grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends in other countries.  Please ask one of them to send a postcard from their country to us here in Dubai!  Ask them to write the same information on the postcard as stated above and mail it to the same address as well.

I haven’t told the students about this yet as it again, is not relevant until our last unit of the year.  Of course, I think this will make it more exciting as well if you do not tell them what we are up to!  Imagine how exciting it will be for them to hear me read out a postcard from you that was delivered to school without them knowing!  They are beautiful to display as well.  As I receive them, I will hold on to them until we start the Journeys unit.

Thank you for helping us learn! I hope you have a fabulous Spring Break!


Tomorrow Early Out

Remember tomorrow the students will get released at 12:00.  Students will not be going to the cafeteria for lunch.  If you can, please send some extra snacks tomorrow that they can munch on towards the end of the day as well as our normal snack time.  Thank you!

Home Learning

Below is a picture of the Home Learning Sheet for this week and the worksheets that go along with it for those that need access to it.  Since it is optional work, I am only going to be sending it home to students that have been bringing it back or parents that are requesting it, to help save ink and paper.  If you would like me to continue to send a hard copy of the Home Learning packet home with your child, please email me at and let me know.

Reminder: Thursday students leave at 12:00.

Place Value Sheet

Silent e P1

Silent e P2

Assessment, Projects, Rubrics, Oh My!

Next week is full of exciting learning and a time for the students to show off their learning.  As Spring Break gets closer, we will be finishing up our UOI, Reading, Writing, and Math units next week.  With that said, we have lots of learning and assessments to complete next week to wrap up these units.

The Math assessment will be either on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on our schedule and how much time the students need to take the test.  Yesterday I sent home their pretest for review.  Also, the Home Learning sheets directly align as well.  I will be adding the place value component on next weeks Home Learning sheet.

On Sunday students will start planning and constructing their “Super Organism”, which will serve as our summative for UOI.  Attached is the rubric for their summative.  We will be sharing our “Super Organisms” with Mrs. Thao’s class on Wednesday.

Super Organisms

I am currently assessing students reading through PM Benchmark Assessments and will be happy to share that information with you as soon as I have completed them.  I will be using this data along with other formative data to create new reading groups after Spring Break.

In writing, we continue to work on basic sentence structure.  This unit our focus has been writing like a scientist by recording our thoughts and questions onto paper.  Students have been writing new information learned and thoughts about the different experiments we have completed in their science notebooks.

Science Experiment

Today we changed our room into a science laboratory as we tried to answer the question,”How do Arctic animals stay warm in icy water?”.  We conducted an experiment that jump started our thinking and we will continue to learn through videos and research today!  This experiment is one example of an animal adaptation that animals have to help it survive.

Book Week photos

Popcorn with Parents:

A HUGE thank you to all the parents that stopped by and read with the class! We enjoyed having you in the classroom! It was a wonderful conclusion to Book Week!

Book Character Parade:

Musical Performance:

Home Learning March 11-15

Awesome job to the students who completed multiple tasks on Home Learning last week.  If you still have it, bring it in tomorrow, so I can give you feedback!

Today a new Home Learning Sheet is going home.  Some of the activities are similar to last weeks and some are different.  These are review of what is being taught in the classroom.  The two reading passages and comprehension questions this week are a little bit more challenging, but I wanted the students to be able to practice the reading strategies we have been learning and learn about different animal adaptations that they use to help them survive.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Community Walk- Friday, March 16th

There is a lovely opportunity to get out in the fresh air with friends and family on Friday 16th March for a 3 km walk in Dubai Knowledge Park at 7.30am.

The walkathon embodies the TECOM group’s dedication to uplifting, empowering and unifying our society. We Walk will particularly benefit people of determination with proceeds being donated to the Al Jalila Foundation for this cause.

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