G8 math – Topic 6a assessment coming next week

Hello Mathemagicians! Since we are splitting up transformations into two shorter sections, your first assessment is coming up soon on lessons 6.1-6.5. We finished with the new concepts (translations, reflections, and rotations) last week and this week we will practice combinations (sequences) of what we learned to make and identify congruent figures. If you’re ready for it, we will also explore and practice advanced work related to rigid transformations later this week.

Now that the glitches with Pearson are fixed, we are back to “normal” and the Synergetic scores have been updated if you met the Saturday deadline. If you continue to have problems with Pearson it may be because you have not completely turned off, waited, then turned on your computer in too long!

G8 Math – Pythagorean Theorem Test this week

Hello Mathemagicians! With the test this week, you should nearly have all the Pearson work done to help guide you with what to practice more of. Please check your Synergetic account to see what assignments are still unfinished. The Google Classroom AND Pearson should now be up-to-date with assignments and their due dates.  It was off for a couple sections due to the repeating of days 1-5 this week.  There are also PDFs in the Google Class that will help you with application problems. Focus on practicing the ones you need the most work on.

Section 2 has the test Wednesday. Sections 1, 3, and 4 have it Thursday. Remember, last block Thursday is section 3, not section 2 due to the imbalances caused by the two 3-day weekends you had. Next week is a normal week “B” starting with day 6.

G8 math – Ready for Semester Two???

Hello mathemagicians!  Congratulations on making it through semester one! Can you believe you’re only 5 months away from calling yourself a high school student????  Whoa!
With the start of semester two we are moving away from a focus on algebra to a focus on geometry. While I will be incorporating algebraic concepts whenever we can, the assessments will focus on the new geometry content. If you struggled in semester one because you fell behind in homework, this is your chance to start fresh.  Keep up from the beginning – every lesson, every day – and you will succeed!
You may want to check that you remember old grade 5-7 geometry content such as angle relationships, formulas for area and perimeter of rectangles, triangles, and circles, since they are critical parts of our next steps in G8. You should have some suggested IXL links already from the IXL diagnostic test in December – go to the geometry section. I’ve also put together a review pack for everyone to refresh old content that will help in our G8 3-D geometry unit coming later this semester.
After WWW we will hit the ground running with the Pythagorean Theorem.  If you like previewing content and spreading out your extra test practice and reinforcement, HERE are links that will help you.
Let’s amp up those study habits and see how much we can improve second semester!
 Ms N

Kristin Nugent

Grade 8 Math

Grade 8 math – Topic 2b make up test info

If you are eligible, you will only be able to take the retake IF you respect these deadlines:
1) Completed request FORMS signed by you AND parent due by TUESDAY 23 January at 2:15pm (early release day)
2) TUTORIAL attended (today or next Thursday – if you have a conflict due to basketball practice, please speak to me ASAP about coming at lunch next week instead)
3) All Pearson HW >75% (or higher!!!) by SUNDAY 28 January at 7:30am
4) Evidence in blue notebook of WRITTEN additional PRACTICE of weak areas by TUESDAY 30 January at 7:30am.
5) MAKE UP TEST on WEDNESDAY 31 January 3:15-4:20.
If you are eligible and plan on doing the retake, print this checklist to be sure you don’t miss your chance.

Math 8 Jan 14

Hello Mathemagicians! Congratulations on getting back into the swing of learning so quickly. As you know, today (section 1) and tomorrow (sections 2-4) is the test on Topic 2b – Slope Intercept form.

We have already begun work on our final topic of the semester – Systems of Equations (Topic 5 in Pearson). This unit combines concepts from both Topic 2b (slope-intercept form) as well as Topic 2a (multi-step equations). If you have done poorly in either of those, you risk not succeeding in Topic 5 unless you go back and strengthen your understanding. The good news is that if you do well in T5, your scores on T2 tests impact your final semester grade much less.

The bad news…because the test on T5 is immediately before report card grades are due, there will not be time for a makeup test on T5.  You need to be prepared the FIRST time!!  Keep up with your work, ask good questions, and participate actively and you’ll be fine. (And if you are still struggling to add and subtract integers PLEASE practice with the links I sent you.  They will be a constant part of Topic 5!)

G8 Math Jan 7th

Welcome to 2018!  Hope you had a relaxing vacation. A big “well done” to the 24 students who put in some time over break working on the review skills I recommended.  To the 71 who did not, I would recommend some time on it this week before the test on Sunday/Monday. HERE is the link if you need it.

G8 Math – last post of 2017!

Hi Mathemagicians! It’s hard to believe it’s the last day of school of 2017! Here are a couple important announcements.

  1. Those students who submitted forms for the T2a makeup should be practicing over break.  Some have already met their tutorial requirement; others will have to see me during lunch Sunday or Monday when we return. If your child was NOT eligible, they still have a chance to “erase” their score by showing successful application of those concepts in the unit on systems of equations. In order to succeed in that topic, they MUST solidly know the concepts from the T2a test.  So if they are reviewing and mastering multi-step equations they will be able to show me a better level of understanding in January.
  2. We have finished the majority of our unit on slope-intercept form.  Students are working on a project making a snowman using Desmos that helps review.  We will do some review and extension activities the week we return and the test will be either Sunday the 14th or Monday the 15th, depending on which section your child has math.
  3. Students completed a diagnostic test in IXL this week.  It has made recommendations to them for what to work on and strengthen. I’ve recommended they do one set a day, either from the list I sent earlier or from their recommended links.

Above all, enjoy the break and all the time with family.  Safe travels to those of you leaving Dubai!

Math 8 – What a difference!!

Hi mathemagicians! I have to say that I had more fun teaching my classes today than I have in a while!  There has been a positive change in effort to complete good quality homework, so kids came so well-prepared to class. Obviously this meant they understood connections to today’s content better and were really able to stay focused and on task. But the best part was that they were in a position to do a different kind of thinking…the “I wonder” thinking. I heard kids asking “what would happen if we did this”? Or “how would it change if we had that instead”? Those kind of ponderings develop a kind of mathematical thinking that can’t truly be “taught”.  The number of “ooohs!” and “aaahhhs!” rivaled a magic show!  It was fun to see them caught up by the magic of math!

A huge thank you to the parents who have helped by stepping in to help their kids organize their time to make HW practice a priority. I know (from my own experience with my son) that it’s not the most fun part of parenting – but you would have loved seeing how it paid off in the classroom today.

Let’s keep this momentum going through winter break. We’ll be finishing up our content this week and early next week. With the KHDA visit the first week back, we won’t have a test until early the second week back from the holidays.  I’m already planning some fun and active review games and activities to refresh our brains after the break so we can remember it all!

Math 8 unit 2A

Hi mathemagicians. I have broken topic 2 into two shorter units. This allows the students to focus on fewer concepts as they review for summative assessments. The first unit is quite short and students will have an assessment in the coming week.  We finished the main content today (except for the students in section 8-4) and will review and extend for the next two lessons. Section 4 is a lesson behind due to conferences, but will also finish the main content this week and start to review.  They will finish their review Sunday next week and have the test later that week. Help your child make sure they are up to date with high quality practice work. There will be additional practice posted in the Google Classroom in PPTs to allow them to prepare. Tutorial will be this Thursday for anyone seeking help with concepts.