Grade 8 math – HS placement info now out

Hello mathemagicians and parents.  You should have received an email from the head of the HS math department about the math course your child will be in for G9. Starting next year the division in HS math is not based on advanced vs regular​. Instead the high school is moving to​ accelerated vs regular.
     -The regular track will follow a traditional integrated math progression and study CCSS Course 1 in grade 9, Course 2 in grade 10 and Course 3 in grade 11. Those students will be able to choose a math course (still to be determined) in grade 12 if they continue with math. The pace will be similar to this year and in each unit there will be chances to see advanced applicatoins of the content.
     -The accelerated group will do Course 1 and half of Course 2 in grade 9 and the rest of Course 2 and all of Course 3 in grade 10.  They will most likely enter the IB track in grade 11​.
As a math team we looked carefully at several factors including in class performance, work ethic and effort, MAP scores, and CAT4 results to determine which students are currently ready for a faster pace in math. We know students grow and change at different paces, so there is flexibility once they enter HS. If students demonstrate a need to change their track during G9 and/0r 10 they will be able to.
Thank you for a great year. I hope everyone has a successful transition to high school!

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