G8 math updates

Hello mathemagicians!T4 (statistics) is underway and we will have a short assessment on that before Eid. All T3 tests have been returned to students and are posted in Synergetic. Overall the scores were excellent, but if you are interested in (and eligible for) a retake, please follow the below schedule.

Respect all deadlines so you don’t lose your chance.

Sunday 3/6 First tutorial option either during lunch or after school 1:00-1:40 (for people who need re-instruction)
Wednesday 6/6 ALL Pearson formative practice from 8.1-8.4 submitted OVER 75%!
Thursday 7/6 FORMS SIGNED BY PARENTS DUE by 1:30pm
Monday 11/6 Final tutorial option either during lunch of after school 1:00-1:40 (for students who did extra independent practice and need to check in)
Tuesday 12/6 Check in with Ms Nugent to show evidence of extra practice you’ve been working on
WEDNESDAY 13/6 Make up TEST 1:05-1:50

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