G8 Math

Hello mathemagicians! Our last BIG unit is wrapping up.  We’ve finished all the building blocks of 3D solids and are just reviewing and applying them to solve problems. Half the groups started the review the end of this week and the other half begins review on Sunday. On each individual google class page I have posted some of the higher level application practice.  You’ll find samples for composite solids (and the key) as well as a bunch of typical problem solving application questions (key to be released soon). I’ve tried to attach them here too…we’ll see if it works!

If you have time this weekend to get started I know it will make preparing next week easier – especially for those of you in music performances.

3D solids word problems-1akhsr9  Composite Solids Practice-2igfsvy

3D Solids Word Problem M8 KEY-1dy2rfa composite solids-KEY-2cpdvbl

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