G8 math

Hi Mathemagicians! I hope you are ready to share your learning journey with your parents at student-led conferences this week!

In class we have moved into the third dimension as we study surface area and volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres. It’s a pretty short unit which we’ll finish next week.  We’ll do some review and application practice the following week and the test will fall on May 9th (sections 1,2,3) and May 10th (section 4) after MAP testing.  Click HERE if you want some IXL links to provide extra practice as we go. Remember, it is critical to sketch out your image first, write down the formula, substitute in the numbers FIRST before you ever touch your calculator!!! Don’t skip steps unless you want to make mistakes!

Be sure you are getting enough sleep to allow your brain to work at its best!

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