Math 8

Hello mathemagicians! Can you believe we are done with another unit???  Today we finished Topic 6b (lessons 6.6-6.10) on similarity and angle relationships. We will spend the first half of next week reviewing and extending. Most students have the test on Wednesday – check the Google Class Calendar. Review materials have already been posted in the Google Classroom and will be the focus of next week’s practice.

Although it feels like the end is close (11 weeks!) we still have three units left to learn. Up next will be 3D geometry focusing on cylinders, cones, and spheres.  Then we’ll do short units on functions and statistics. We will be continuing to learn during Ramadan and you will have assessments during those times, though the assessments will be shorter than usual.

After Ramadan we will shift our focus to a project and revision for a mock final exam. That exam will be given during the final week of classes. It’s a critical chance for students to review key concepts from G8 that will be extended in G9, plus it helps them learn the process of preparing for a major exam like those in HS and the IB program. More info to come later.

Enjoy your weekend!

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