Grade 8 math – Topic 6 grades and update

Hello mathemagicians! The topic 6a (rigid motions) tests have been returned and posted in Synergetic. Again, the trend has been so positive – many more students have put in the effort to prepare themselves regularly and the results reflect that. As we move into topic 6b (similar figures and angle relationships) it is critical that you remember these rigid motions as they will be applied alongside dilations!

If you are eligible and plan on taking the re-take, please respect the below deadlines:

Topic 6a Make-up schedule. Respect all deadlines so you don’t lose your chance.
Sunday 8/4 First tutorial option (for people who need re-instruction)
Thursday 12/4 FORMS SIGNED BY PARENTS DUE by 3:30pm
Sunday 15/4 Final tutorial option (for students who did extra independent practice and need to check in)
Monday 16/4 ALL Pearson formative practice from 6.1-6.5 submitted OVER 75%!
Sunday 22/4 check in with Ms Nugent to show evidence of extra practice
MONDAY 23/4 Make up TEST 3:15-4:20

G8 math update

Hello Mathemagicians! This week we started the second half of our 2-D geometry unit. We will focus on extending our understanding of transformations by adding dilations to the mix. It is critical that students ensure they fully understand the rigid motions from the last unit as they will be incorporated into similar figures. The rest of 2-D geometry focuses on angle relationships in triangles and transversals. Click HERE to find some links to review sets that may help you as you go or prepare for the test.

G8 math – Topic 6a assessment coming next week

Hello Mathemagicians! Since we are splitting up transformations into two shorter sections, your first assessment is coming up soon on lessons 6.1-6.5. We finished with the new concepts (translations, reflections, and rotations) last week and this week we will practice combinations (sequences) of what we learned to make and identify congruent figures. If you’re ready for it, we will also explore and practice advanced work related to rigid transformations later this week.

Now that the glitches with Pearson are fixed, we are back to “normal” and the Synergetic scores have been updated if you met the Saturday deadline. If you continue to have problems with Pearson it may be because you have not completely turned off, waited, then turned on your computer in too long!