G8 Math – Pythagorean Theorem Test this week

Hello Mathemagicians! With the test this week, you should nearly have all the Pearson work done to help guide you with what to practice more of. Please check your Synergetic account to see what assignments are still unfinished. The Google Classroom AND Pearson should now be up-to-date with assignments and their due dates.  It was off for a couple sections due to the repeating of days 1-5 this week.  There are also PDFs in the Google Class that will help you with application problems. Focus on practicing the ones you need the most work on.

Section 2 has the test Wednesday. Sections 1, 3, and 4 have it Thursday. Remember, last block Thursday is section 3, not section 2 due to the imbalances caused by the two 3-day weekends you had. Next week is a normal week “B” starting with day 6.

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