G8 math – Ready for Semester Two???

Hello mathemagicians!  Congratulations on making it through semester one! Can you believe you’re only 5 months away from calling yourself a high school student????  Whoa!
With the start of semester two we are moving away from a focus on algebra to a focus on geometry. While I will be incorporating algebraic concepts whenever we can, the assessments will focus on the new geometry content. If you struggled in semester one because you fell behind in homework, this is your chance to start fresh.  Keep up from the beginning – every lesson, every day – and you will succeed!
You may want to check that you remember old grade 5-7 geometry content such as angle relationships, formulas for area and perimeter of rectangles, triangles, and circles, since they are critical parts of our next steps in G8. You should have some suggested IXL links already from the IXL diagnostic test in December – go to the geometry section. I’ve also put together a review pack for everyone to refresh old content that will help in our G8 3-D geometry unit coming later this semester.
After WWW we will hit the ground running with the Pythagorean Theorem.  If you like previewing content and spreading out your extra test practice and reinforcement, HERE are links that will help you.
Let’s amp up those study habits and see how much we can improve second semester!
 Ms N

Kristin Nugent

Grade 8 Math

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