Grade 8 math – Topic 2b make up test info

If you are eligible, you will only be able to take the retake IF you respect these deadlines:
1) Completed request FORMS signed by you AND parent due by TUESDAY 23 January at 2:15pm (early release day)
2) TUTORIAL attended (today or next Thursday – if you have a conflict due to basketball practice, please speak to me ASAP about coming at lunch next week instead)
3) All Pearson HW >75% (or higher!!!) by SUNDAY 28 January at 7:30am
4) Evidence in blue notebook of WRITTEN additional PRACTICE of weak areas by TUESDAY 30 January at 7:30am.
5) MAKE UP TEST on WEDNESDAY 31 January 3:15-4:20.
If you are eligible and plan on doing the retake, print this checklist to be sure you don’t miss your chance.

Math 8 Jan 14

Hello Mathemagicians! Congratulations on getting back into the swing of learning so quickly. As you know, today (section 1) and tomorrow (sections 2-4) is the test on Topic 2b – Slope Intercept form.

We have already begun work on our final topic of the semester – Systems of Equations (Topic 5 in Pearson). This unit combines concepts from both Topic 2b (slope-intercept form) as well as Topic 2a (multi-step equations). If you have done poorly in either of those, you risk not succeeding in Topic 5 unless you go back and strengthen your understanding. The good news is that if you do well in T5, your scores on T2 tests impact your final semester grade much less.

The bad news…because the test on T5 is immediately before report card grades are due, there will not be time for a makeup test on T5.  You need to be prepared the FIRST time!!  Keep up with your work, ask good questions, and participate actively and you’ll be fine. (And if you are still struggling to add and subtract integers PLEASE practice with the links I sent you.  They will be a constant part of Topic 5!)

G8 Math Jan 7th

Welcome to 2018!  Hope you had a relaxing vacation. A big “well done” to the 24 students who put in some time over break working on the review skills I recommended.  To the 71 who did not, I would recommend some time on it this week before the test on Sunday/Monday. HERE is the link if you need it.