G8 Math – last post of 2017!

Hi Mathemagicians! It’s hard to believe it’s the last day of school of 2017! Here are a couple important announcements.

  1. Those students who submitted forms for the T2a makeup should be practicing over break.  Some have already met their tutorial requirement; others will have to see me during lunch Sunday or Monday when we return. If your child was NOT eligible, they still have a chance to “erase” their score by showing successful application of those concepts in the unit on systems of equations. In order to succeed in that topic, they MUST solidly know the concepts from the T2a test.  So if they are reviewing and mastering multi-step equations they will be able to show me a better level of understanding in January.
  2. We have finished the majority of our unit on slope-intercept form.  Students are working on a project making a snowman using Desmos that helps review.  We will do some review and extension activities the week we return and the test will be either Sunday the 14th or Monday the 15th, depending on which section your child has math.
  3. Students completed a diagnostic test in IXL this week.  It has made recommendations to them for what to work on and strengthen. I’ve recommended they do one set a day, either from the list I sent earlier or from their recommended links.

Above all, enjoy the break and all the time with family.  Safe travels to those of you leaving Dubai!

Math 8 – What a difference!!

Hi mathemagicians! I have to say that I had more fun teaching my classes today than I have in a while!  There has been a positive change in effort to complete good quality homework, so kids came so well-prepared to class. Obviously this meant they understood connections to today’s content better and were really able to stay focused and on task. But the best part was that they were in a position to do a different kind of thinking…the “I wonder” thinking. I heard kids asking “what would happen if we did this”? Or “how would it change if we had that instead”? Those kind of ponderings develop a kind of mathematical thinking that can’t truly be “taught”.  The number of “ooohs!” and “aaahhhs!” rivaled a magic show!  It was fun to see them caught up by the magic of math!

A huge thank you to the parents who have helped by stepping in to help their kids organize their time to make HW practice a priority. I know (from my own experience with my son) that it’s not the most fun part of parenting – but you would have loved seeing how it paid off in the classroom today.

Let’s keep this momentum going through winter break. We’ll be finishing up our content this week and early next week. With the KHDA visit the first week back, we won’t have a test until early the second week back from the holidays.  I’m already planning some fun and active review games and activities to refresh our brains after the break so we can remember it all!