Math 8 unit 2A

Hi mathemagicians. I have broken topic 2 into two shorter units. This allows the students to focus on fewer concepts as they review for summative assessments. The first unit is quite short and students will have an assessment in the coming week.  We finished the main content today (except for the students in section 8-4) and will review and extend for the next two lessons. Section 4 is a lesson behind due to conferences, but will also finish the main content this week and start to review.  They will finish their review Sunday next week and have the test later that week. Help your child make sure they are up to date with high quality practice work. There will be additional practice posted in the Google Classroom in PPTs to allow them to prepare. Tutorial will be this Thursday for anyone seeking help with concepts.

Math 8 tutorial change

Hello everyone.  As I mentioned earlier in the year, due to soccer season (I coach Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday) I must move my tutorial day to Thursdays from 3:15-4:15. This coming week the change begins so there will be no tutorial Sunday.

Remember our second test is Sunday/Monday, so everyone should be doing some final review work this weekend!  Google Class is full of activities and answer keys to help you see how you’re doing.

Math 8 Assessment #2 coming soon!

Hi parents.  Hopefully you have already seen in the assessment calendar that the second math test is the beginning of next week. The kids have done amazing work with the properties of integer exponents and their use in scientific notation. We’ve had so many “lightbulb” moments as pieces fall into place and the inclusion of ideas from as far back as second grade have been seen in a new application.  It’s been math-magical! I LOVE IT!

Last week most classes finished the main set of lessons.  This week we have extended the ideas into more complex situations.  Plus we have done some INTENSE work on problem solving – the dreaded, but ubiquitous, word problems! This was an area of great frustration for nearly everyone in the first test, so I want them to be READY!

As they finish practicing over the weekend there are multiple sets of activities posted in the Google Classroom and shared in their Google Drives that they can be doing to actively solve problems and improve fluency and understanding. They have all identified their weakest area to target with extra attention, but they should still brush up on the others as well.

***I recommend that you ask your child to teach you something from the unit this weekend – you will be impressed with the concepts they are able to understand and explain (plus it will help get them ready for the “reasoning and communication” part of the test!!).

On a side note, students who took the make-up test now have their updated test scores and they are posted in Synergetic.

Math 8 grade book information

Hello parents. Now that the grade book is live, I’m trying very hard to get formative data posted for you to see as quickly as possible. This way you can log in and see if your child is keeping up to date. If they miss a deadline for the formative assignment, you will see an incomplete. If they catch up and submit the work late, they can see their score in their Pearson account, but it will not be updated in the grade book.

Our next summative is November 12th and 13th (depending on which section of math they have), so give your child a hand in making sure they are doing the daily practice that is such an important part of retention in math. We will spend time next week reviewing, but there will be nightly activities they can do to prepare well.  Those blue notebooks should be filling up with solid examples!  Let me know if you have any questions.