G8 math first summative this week!

Hello parents.  Last week we finished all new instruction in preparation for our first summative which is this week.  The first lesson of this week will have students complete a formative reflection document.  This should allow them to self-assess their current level of understanding so that they can focus on extra practice in their weakest area(s).  They will not only record their score, but also a self-assessment of their current level.  The number score may not match the self-assessment for several reasons.  Hopefully their current understanding is better than that initial understanding, so that would raise it.  However, if they were only successful because they completed the formative work with support, such as a tutor, their independent level may be lower than the score indicates.
(At the bottom is a screenshot of the form they will be completing in class.)
Here are some suggestions for preparing that we will work on in class and they can continue at home…
1. Any weak formative practice sets (MathXL in Pearson) can be re-done to show improvement using the “Try again” option. See sample image:
Inline image 6
2. Students can access a link called “Additional Practice” in the green section of Pearson for every lesson, which provides sample problems. See sample image:
Inline image 3
3. Look in their Pearson “Not Started” section after taking the practice test to see if they were assigned support work to complete. See sample image:
Inline image 4
4. IXL is good for extra practice. The starred links here fit G8 content best.
5. Khan videos or Pearson Virtual Nerd videos (found in the green section of Pearson for each lesson) See image:
Inline image 2
We are spending 3 full classes preparing for this first assessment so that they see all the tools available to them.  On future assessments we will normally only spend 1-2 classes reviewing – or we’ll run out of time for other content! By then, students​ will have a better idea of which review activities personally helped them most and they will focus on using those to practice.
A final note regarding the retake policy.  Students who actively prepare themselves well will probably do well on the assessment also. Any students who have more than one late homework submission will not qualify for the retake option. You will know assignments were late if you see a RED date for any assignment with the words “MathXL for school: Practice and Problem Solving”​. See sample image:
Inline image 7
​I’m sorry this is such a long email, but it will hopefully help your child prepare well for this first assessment​. As we progress through the year, the responsibility for preparing will become theirs more fully. I’ll let you know if they are not managing that task!
Thanks, as always, for your support!
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Kristin Nugent

Grade 8 Math

G8 math updates 8 October

Hello parents.  We have hit our stride and are running with brand new material in G8 math. It is great to see the kids encounter completely new concepts and go through meaningful struggles to understand them. We’ll finish the core content of our first mini unit this week and will do some extension and review work before taking our first G8 summative next week. Since the process of HOW to learn is even more important than the math I’m teaching (I admit, it is!) , I want to share two sources with you.  The first is a great Ted talk that I showed the kids.  The second is an article about what your child’s brain has the potential to be capable of as he/she enter the teen years. They are incredibly inspirational and help show each individual what power they have if they are willing to tap into it!  Enjoy!





G8 Math updates 1 Oct

Hello parents. It was great to see some of you at Back to School night last week. Hopefully the window into what we do helps you support your child this year. I’ll be emailing attachments of support documentation this week.

Last week all G8 students took a pre-test on grade 7 topics that are important foundational concepts they need to know well so they can build upon them in grade 8. The students are getting their tests back to review in class and the copies will be sent home later this week. After all tests, we go through a correction and reflection process, so that students can make a plan for anything they need to be working on. Nearly everyone has at least one area they could strengthen, so talk to them about it. They have tools at their fingertips to start improving, but I’m also happy to support them here at school during tutorial on Sundays 3:15-4:15.

This week we will begin our first G8 unit on real numbers. I have posted a vocabulary list in the Google Classroom so that students can begin to get comfortable with the terminology we’ll be using and that they will need to master by the summative assessment in about 2-3 weeks. They will be logging in to Pearson Realize nightly for the next several lessons.  Other support work will be posted in the Google Classroom as needed. All work should be shown in blue math notebooks.

Please send me an email if you have any questions!