Grade 8 math…final post…summer review

Hello one last time mathemagicians! It’s hard to believe we’re through 8th grade. We sure have covered a LOT these 10 months. Math is traditionally a class where the “summer slide” hits hardest.  Without regular practice you forget things you previously knew.  Do your 9th grade self a favor and use the below links to review over the summer. If you aim for 10-15 minutes a day you’ll review a lot of content and still have plenty of free time for all your fun summer activities.  Daily math practice, just like for sports and music, is critical to math success. You can use your school IXL account to search for practice sets that match the topics in the docs.

MATH9_assumed_prerequisite knowledge_1-24ez58x (covers content from grades 5-8)

MATH9_assumed_prerequisite knowledge_2-2n3z3qd (covers content from grades 5-8)

G8_Final_Review Test-2aef2fc (covers most critical content covered this year)

Good luck to everyone in high school!  I look forward to hearing all your success stories!

Grade 8 Math

Hello mathemagicians! Ramadan Kareem to everyone. We’ve had a good first week on the Ramadan schedule. In general everyone is trying to stay alert and engaged in lessons allowing us to continue covering our curriculum. The units we finished earlier this week will be assessed next week.  On Sunday (hopefully after a restful weekend!) the Math 8 section has their test on Functions (Topic 3) and on Tuesday the Math Adv section has their test on Statistics (Topic 4). We have been reviewing in class, but a little extra practice will be beneficial.  Both tests have been shortened so they can be done in about 30-40 minutes.

The retakes for Math 8 Geometry and Math Adv Functions will be Thursday June 8th at 7:20-8:25. The deadline for requesting it is today at 2:30 and tutorials can be attended during the lunch/rest break on Sunday for Math Adv and Monday for Math 8. If your child has asked you to sign the form make sure he/she has a ride set up Thursday morning.  We do not have any blocks of time long enough during the day for a make up test so it must be done before school.

Enjoy the weekend!