Grade 8 Math Assessments update

Hi parents.  This week both classes had assessments – Math 8 on 3D geometry and Math Adv on Functions. Students will have them back by the end of this week or Sunday the 28th, so be sure to check in with your child to ask how he/she did.

Math 8 is working with Functions now and Math Adv is moving into Statistics.

Please help ensure the home environment still provides structure for daily homework on current units. I may be able to hold a tutorial once a week, especially during weeks with tests.  I will post these opportunities when they arise.


G8 math updates

Hello parents. In an effort to complete as many of our assessments before Ramadan as is feasible, there will be a couple of tests over the next 3 weeks. The regular math classes just took one on topic 6 part two on Sunday and will have the results by the end of the week. The advanced sections have a test tomorrow (Wednesday) on 3D geometry (Topic 8) and should have the results by Sunday.  Be sure to ask your child how it went.

Effort to complete formative practice has been inconsistent, which of course has a negative impact on assessment performance. Help your student keep a schedule as the year winds down. For many students who are fasting the final 4 weeks of school, they may need your assistance in creating a new schedule to fit homework into the changes in routine brought about with Ramadan. Help them find a time during the day where they can complete some review work and get rested enough to be alert in class. We will continue to work on the required curriculum during Ramadan and students will have at least one assessment during that time.

Together we can help end the year with positive foundations and routines in place for the transition to high school!