Grade 8 math (all students)

Hi mathemagicians! Due to MAP testing next week our regularly scheduled assessments for the current units will be pushed to the week after. Spend time each day completing some of the review activities listed in your Google Doc to get ready.

Test for Math 8 regular Sunday May 7 (lessons 6.6-6.10)

Test for Math 8 Adv Tuesday May 9 (lessons 8.1-8.4)

Grade 8 Math updates

We are in the final stretch with a few more important concepts to study before heading off to high school!! Here’s what we’ll be working on the next couple weeks.

Math Advanced: Test on similar figures and angle relationships is Monday April 17th.  All the content was taught before break and you should have finished your review work this first week back.  Many students have chosen not to complete this review work, meaning they will not be ready unless they catch up.

Next we will move on to 3-D geometry concepts. If you cannot recall simple formulas for 2D figures or need to review volume and surface area for prisms and pyramids, use your IXL account to refresh. It will help you greatly as we apply those G6+G7 concepts to the G8 content.


Math 8: We have begun to investigate dilations and will finish our unit on 2D geometry learning about angle relationships. This can be found in Pearson unit 6, lessons 6-10. Remember, if you wish to remain eligible for the retake, do NOT miss any assigned homework practice. All HW is due by 7:15 the day I see you for class.