Grade 8 MATH – Retake Policy Updates

In order to combat a widespread problem with students who regularly choose not to do math homework that is meant to help them learn, I am revising the retake policy I have.

Retake Policy

The good news:  

There are an unlimited number of retakes

The bad news (but trust me, it’s GOOD for your LEARNING!):

To be eligible you must ensure the follow requirements have been met:

  1. You may not miss more than ONE deadline for formative HW assignments. (If work is not completed by 7:15 am the day it is due, it is considered past the deadline.)
  2. Submit a physical copy of the request form completed by you and signed by you and a parent (usually 3-5 days before the retake).
  3. Attend a tutorial (usually 4-7 days before the retake).
  4. Have ALL formative HW scores higher than 75% (use the “try again” option in Pearson from your score summary page if you need to improve, then bring me the results at least one day before the makeup test).

Grade 8 Math: regular and advanced

Hi mathemagicians! This is a busy week as KHDA comes to see how much you are learning! Both classes are in review and extend activities for their upcoming assessments. Be sure all your Pearson work is fully complete and submitted so you can prioritize your review work.

Math 8 finished the Pythagorean Theorem unit last week and will review this week for Sunday’s (12/3) assessment.

Math Adv finished most of the Rigid Motions unit last week and will review/extend this week for the assessment early next week.