Math 8 Update

Welcome to semester 2/quarter 3! We have completed our strand on algebraic concepts and will spend Q3 focusing on other strands of math.  First we will work with real numbers, especially identifying and estimating irrational numbers.  Next we will apply those real numbers in problems related to the Pythagorean Theorem. We’ll be using our algebra skills along the way so they stay fresh as well.

Please be sure homework is ALWAYS written blue math notebooks, even on the days we use Pearson to submit it on-line! This makes for a useful learning tool when students need to review.

G8 Math updates

Hi parents. Here’s what’s going on in the math classes these days…

Math 8: We wrapped up our final algebra unit on systems of equations and the test results will be back by the end of the week.  Students in the two Math 8 sections are now preparing for a cumulative “confirmative” test that checks their memory of the most important concepts from semester 1.  It is similar to a HS semester exam (though not weighted so heavily!).  It gives the kids a chance to learn how to review and practice for a bigger test and will also help them refresh and remember the most critical concepts they’ll be using in G9 math. We will use three full classes for in-class review and students are required to do some at-home work as well.  There are Pearson Realize activities that we are starting with, but IXL will also provide good support. While the work is done on-line, the steps to solutions are still written in math notebooks!


Math Advanced: We have finished our semester 1 concepts and had the cumulative test.  We have now moved on to another strand of math, The Number System.  Last week, students began a short unit on Real Numbers which we will finish this week and they will have a short summative on the 25th. Practice work will come from both resources (Pearson and Eureka), so be sure to use Google Classroom to ensure you are doing the right work! All work must be recorded in math notebooks, even if you submit the answer digitally. The process is what I check!

Math 8 and Math 8 Advanced

Welcome to 2017 everyone! I hope you had a relaxing break and that the first days of 2017 are treating you well! We are jumping right back into our content and starting to explore how our new resource, Pearson Realize, can help us learn. The advanced classes have finished their Expressions and Equations (algebra) strand and are doing a mid-year review to get ready for a cumulative test. The Math 8 classes are finishing up Module 4D – Systems of Equations.

Upcoming assessments:

8/1: Math Advanced A – Cumulative Algebra Assessment (Modules 1+4)

9/1: Math 8 and Math Advanced MAKE UP for test 4C after school (forms must be submitted by this Thursday and students MUST attend at least one tutoring session with me)

10/1: Math Advanced B – Cumulative Algebra Assessment (Modules 1+4)

15/1 (estimated date): Math 8 Sections 1+2 M4D test on systems of equations