First Math Assessment Reflection

As you may know, we had our first summative math assessment this week. The first one is always a bit harder as students are still learning the best ways to prepare and are unfamiliar with the format of a teacher’s assessment style. If you want to have a conversation with your child about it, here are some things you should know.

The tests were given back and we spent half the class completing an error analysis and reflection. They can’t take the actual test home until all students who were absent finish taking it. However, you can ask them to show you the reflection they worked on, as it is digital.
You can also ask them to show you their formative data tracker doc. My observation is that, in general, a number of students are not checking Google Classroom to be sure they do practice work on time, and some who do it  are not bringing it corrected to class, so are not making efficient use of their learning time.
Finally, you’ll be happy to know that for students who did not perform to the best of their ability, I provide a make up opportunity. They will need to complete a copy of THIS FORM and have it signed by you. I will help guide them in making a plan that involves active practice and review and set a date for the retest.  Ideally, they should ask for the opportunity within a day or two of receiving the test and the retake will be done within 1-2 weeks. This pace is important because we often immediately apply concepts from the assessment into new, current material. Please know that many students are worried about asking for parent signatures as they are concerned you will be disappointed. Please commend them for taking the initiative to go for the retake and ask them how you might support them.
If you still have questions after talking with your child, please let me know.

Back to School!

Hi G8 parents!  Hope you’ll join us tonight at the Back to School open house! You’ll get some good, basic information about how to help your child succeed this year and information on our course.  Click HERE and you’ll see an outline of the strands covered in G8 math as well as some sample benchmarks we will focus on.

Looking forward to seeing many of you tonight.


Review work finishing

Hello Math 8 families. The G8 math students have finished some review activities and each student was assessed to check long-term retention of grade 7 skills and concepts. Not surprisingly, there has been some loss of understanding over the summer break. THIS LINK will take students to a page that gives access to review work on all the topics from the review assessment. If there is time over the holiday, I highly recommend students work on reviewing areas that are in need of improvement. Many of them will be applied to G8 concepts, so knowing them well will help ease understanding of new material.

Enjoy a restful Eid holiday!

Ms N