Grade 8 math – HS placement info now out

Hello mathemagicians and parents.  You should have received an email from the head of the HS math department about the math course your child will be in for G9. Starting next year the division in HS math is not based on advanced vs regular​. Instead the high school is moving to​ accelerated vs regular.
     -The regular track will follow a traditional integrated math progression and study CCSS Course 1 in grade 9, Course 2 in grade 10 and Course 3 in grade 11. Those students will be able to choose a math course (still to be determined) in grade 12 if they continue with math. The pace will be similar to this year and in each unit there will be chances to see advanced applicatoins of the content.
     -The accelerated group will do Course 1 and half of Course 2 in grade 9 and the rest of Course 2 and all of Course 3 in grade 10.  They will most likely enter the IB track in grade 11​.
As a math team we looked carefully at several factors including in class performance, work ethic and effort, MAP scores, and CAT4 results to determine which students are currently ready for a faster pace in math. We know students grow and change at different paces, so there is flexibility once they enter HS. If students demonstrate a need to change their track during G9 and/0r 10 they will be able to.
Thank you for a great year. I hope everyone has a successful transition to high school!

G8 math updates

Hello mathemagicians!T4 (statistics) is underway and we will have a short assessment on that before Eid. All T3 tests have been returned to students and are posted in Synergetic. Overall the scores were excellent, but if you are interested in (and eligible for) a retake, please follow the below schedule.

Respect all deadlines so you don’t lose your chance.

Sunday 3/6 First tutorial option either during lunch or after school 1:00-1:40 (for people who need re-instruction)
Wednesday 6/6 ALL Pearson formative practice from 8.1-8.4 submitted OVER 75%!
Thursday 7/6 FORMS SIGNED BY PARENTS DUE by 1:30pm
Monday 11/6 Final tutorial option either during lunch of after school 1:00-1:40 (for students who did extra independent practice and need to check in)
Tuesday 12/6 Check in with Ms Nugent to show evidence of extra practice you’ve been working on
WEDNESDAY 13/6 Make up TEST 1:05-1:50

G8 math summative this week

Hello Mathemagicians. Don’t forget Monday (sections 2, 3,4) and Tuesday (section 1) is the summative assessment for Functions. This assessment is shorter (in time needed) so it can be completed in the 45-minute block we have. If you are well-prepared, you will have no trouble completing what is required. Almost half of you have not done the practice test which will diagnose which areas you are weak in. Get it done ASAP so you can use the suggested review for final prep. I’ll have tutorial today during the lunch break as well as after school from 1:00-1:40.  Bring your questions!

G8 math updates

Hello mathemagicians! The Topic 8 tests are graded and posted.  This is the last big assessment of the semester.  There will be two smaller summatives for topics 3+4 during Ramadan which will have a small impact on semester 2 grades.  Please stay on top of homework for these units.

If you are eligible for the T8 retake, here is the schedule.  FOLLOW IT!

Respect all deadlines so you don’t lose your chance. 
Sunday 20/5 First tutorial option either during lunch break or after school 1:00-1:40 (for people who need re-instruction)
Wednesday 23/5 ALL Pearson formative practice from 6.6-6.10 submitted OVER 75%!
Thursday 24/5 FORMS SIGNED BY PARENTS DUE by 1:30pm
Monday 28/5 Final tutorial option either during lunch break or after school 1:00-1:40 (for students who did extra independent practice and need to check in)
Tuesday 29/5 Check in with Ms Nugent to show evidence of extra practice you’ve been working on
WEDNESDAY 30/5 Make up TEST 1:05-2:10

G8 Math

Hello mathemagicians! Our last BIG unit is wrapping up.  We’ve finished all the building blocks of 3D solids and are just reviewing and applying them to solve problems. Half the groups started the review the end of this week and the other half begins review on Sunday. On each individual google class page I have posted some of the higher level application practice.  You’ll find samples for composite solids (and the key) as well as a bunch of typical problem solving application questions (key to be released soon). I’ve tried to attach them here too…we’ll see if it works!

If you have time this weekend to get started I know it will make preparing next week easier – especially for those of you in music performances.

3D solids word problems-1akhsr9  Composite Solids Practice-2igfsvy

3D Solids Word Problem M8 KEY-1dy2rfa composite solids-KEY-2cpdvbl

G8 math

Hi Mathemagicians! I hope you are ready to share your learning journey with your parents at student-led conferences this week!

In class we have moved into the third dimension as we study surface area and volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres. It’s a pretty short unit which we’ll finish next week.  We’ll do some review and application practice the following week and the test will fall on May 9th (sections 1,2,3) and May 10th (section 4) after MAP testing.  Click HERE if you want some IXL links to provide extra practice as we go. Remember, it is critical to sketch out your image first, write down the formula, substitute in the numbers FIRST before you ever touch your calculator!!! Don’t skip steps unless you want to make mistakes!

Be sure you are getting enough sleep to allow your brain to work at its best!

Math 8

Hello mathemagicians! Can you believe we are done with another unit???  Today we finished Topic 6b (lessons 6.6-6.10) on similarity and angle relationships. We will spend the first half of next week reviewing and extending. Most students have the test on Wednesday – check the Google Class Calendar. Review materials have already been posted in the Google Classroom and will be the focus of next week’s practice.

Although it feels like the end is close (11 weeks!) we still have three units left to learn. Up next will be 3D geometry focusing on cylinders, cones, and spheres.  Then we’ll do short units on functions and statistics. We will be continuing to learn during Ramadan and you will have assessments during those times, though the assessments will be shorter than usual.

After Ramadan we will shift our focus to a project and revision for a mock final exam. That exam will be given during the final week of classes. It’s a critical chance for students to review key concepts from G8 that will be extended in G9, plus it helps them learn the process of preparing for a major exam like those in HS and the IB program. More info to come later.

Enjoy your weekend!

Splash and Dash reminder

Only TWO G8 students are participating, so send your support to Diego and David! Fuerza!!

UAS Splash & Dash

The UAS Splash & Dash is set to happen next Tuesday April 17th. The event will run from 9 to 11 am.

Spectators are encouraged to come along and support all competitors. We ask that all spectators be seated in the Pool Area or in the shaded areas around the track by 8:50 am.

Competitors will need to bring the following to the pool area: Swimsuit & Towel (for swimmers), Running Shoes (for runners), Water Bottle

Students are asked to come to school ready for the competition and wearing their Splash & Dash t-shirts. T-Shirts will be distributed to them early next week.

All competitors will have a pre-race meeting on Sunday or Monday during lunch next week, to have more details about the event explained to them.

If you have any questions regarding this event please contact Mr. Carter or Mr. Trottier in the UAS Athletics Department.


Grade 8 math – Topic 6 grades and update

Hello mathemagicians! The topic 6a (rigid motions) tests have been returned and posted in Synergetic. Again, the trend has been so positive – many more students have put in the effort to prepare themselves regularly and the results reflect that. As we move into topic 6b (similar figures and angle relationships) it is critical that you remember these rigid motions as they will be applied alongside dilations!

If you are eligible and plan on taking the re-take, please respect the below deadlines:

Topic 6a Make-up schedule. Respect all deadlines so you don’t lose your chance.
Sunday 8/4 First tutorial option (for people who need re-instruction)
Thursday 12/4 FORMS SIGNED BY PARENTS DUE by 3:30pm
Sunday 15/4 Final tutorial option (for students who did extra independent practice and need to check in)
Monday 16/4 ALL Pearson formative practice from 6.1-6.5 submitted OVER 75%!
Sunday 22/4 check in with Ms Nugent to show evidence of extra practice
MONDAY 23/4 Make up TEST 3:15-4:20

G8 math update

Hello Mathemagicians! This week we started the second half of our 2-D geometry unit. We will focus on extending our understanding of transformations by adding dilations to the mix. It is critical that students ensure they fully understand the rigid motions from the last unit as they will be incorporated into similar figures. The rest of 2-D geometry focuses on angle relationships in triangles and transversals. Click HERE to find some links to review sets that may help you as you go or prepare for the test.