International day rotations

On the international day rotations day I did 5 rotations. My favourite rotation was the rotation to Indonesia. That was my favourite rotation because we played a very cool sport because it is a mix between football, volleyball and badminton. I was proud when I played the sport because I did a good job and I did quite good for a first time. I loved the international day rotations.


Lebanese food

This Lebanese food is called Kebbe. It is made out of Beef minced meat, bulgar wheat, onions and corn oil. It is an important food in Lebanon because the Lebanese food usually involves the use of fresh and healthy ingredients. Even though the Kebbe is fried, it’s combined ingredients are healthy. Kebbe is a famous Lebanese food and is served in most mezze. However lots of people eat it as a snack. Also people make a filling for the Kebbe that is made of minced meat, onions and pine nuts.