Prefixes and Suffixes

Hello everyone!!! I am back with another blog that will tell you the definitions of the words prefixes and suffixes.

Here are the definitions of the words…

Prefix: an affix placed before a word, base, or another prefix tomodify a term’s meaning, as by making the term negative, as un- in unkind.

Suffix: an affix that follows the element to which it is added, as -ly in kindly.


I hope this was helpful for you and I will see you later.


Board Game Bosses Fundraiser!! :)


It’s me Karl and I’m back to tell you about me and my friend’s (Anthony and Karim) fundraiser!! It is going to be starting on the 12th of May 2016. It will be at lunch time on the picnic tables on t he secondary side. it is from 12:30 to 1:10. It costs 15 dirhams per person and if anything gets damaged the person will have to pay 65 dirhams per damaged item. The money is going to go to a charity called UNICEF and they will use the money to help children in need.

I hope you come!

Bye!!!!!!!!  🙂

museum fieldtrip!!!!!!!!!!

hello everyone!

I just came back from a fieldtrip to a museum called Crossroads of Civilization Museum.

it was really fun and it had a lot of cool ancient artifacts like swords, guns, and shields. it also had some pottery and some books that were for famous people like rulers of the country or kings.

My favourite artifact was one of the daggers that I saw. it was shiny from the blade and had a very cool design on the handle. it used to be used by some people in the U.A.E and probably other countries.



Museum day

Hello everyone! I will be telling you about my museum project.

I made a double-headed serpent. I made it out of clay though it is actually made out of wood, conch shell, oyster shell and mosaic stones. It was so fun.


International day rotations

On the international day rotations day I did 5 rotations. My favourite rotation was the rotation to Indonesia. That was my favourite rotation because we played a very cool sport because it is a mix between football, volleyball and badminton. I was proud when I played the sport because I did a good job and I did quite good for a first time. I loved the international day rotations.


Lebanese food

This Lebanese food is called Kebbe. It is made out of Beef minced meat, bulgar wheat, onions and corn oil. It is an important food in Lebanon because the Lebanese food usually involves the use of fresh and healthy ingredients. Even though the Kebbe is fried, it’s combined ingredients are healthy. Kebbe is a famous Lebanese food and is served in most mezze. However lots of people eat it as a snack. Also people make a filling for the Kebbe that is made of minced meat, onions and pine nuts.


Dubai Museum

I learned that the United Arab Emirates has changed over time because of the people that live in the United Arab Emirates. They changed it by building new stuff like malls. At first the houses use to be made out of tree branches and straw. But now they are made out of bricks. Also they used to walk in the olden days but now we travel by cars and planes. There used to be no scuba diving gear to pearl dive but now people can stay under water for hours.



Science fair reflection

1.My experiment is called “THE LIQUID MIX.”

2.I came up with this question because of my milk allergy.

3.I found out that when you mix milk with food colouring and dish washing detergent the mixture becomes green because of the amount of fat in the milk.

4.My favourite part was doing the experiment because it was cool, interesting and very amazing.

5.I found observing the mixtures hard because they were a little bit the same.

6.I would do the same thing but add baking soda to the mixture.i would do this to se if the reaction is the same.

7.I will mix vinegar apple juice water and baking soda all together.