Move up day!!!!!!!!!!

Hello guys!!!!!!

Today I went to 5th grade classes (I am in grade 4). They prepared us for fifth grade in three months. It was really fun and we learned what the rules are and we felt how responsible you have to be in fifth grade. It is a big responsibility and it it really fun!!!

Thats all for now.


Growing Bean Plants

Does the type of liquid put on a bean plant affect the height?
I think changing the liquid will affect the height of the bean plant.
1) Put one cup of soil into a cup.
2) Place one bean seed one cm into the soil,cover seed with soil.
3) Pour 1/4 cup of liquid on to the seed once a day.
*Liquids used are:
Vinegar, milk, miranda, mango juice, water, red bull.
4)record plant height each day.
Observation (day 1):
The soil feels soft and very squishy. Also the soil is white and brown and there are only a few roots. The soil looks like a smashed Oreo and it smells very stinky and it also smells like soil that suffocates people.

Observation (day2):
I observed that the soil feels very rough and squishy.Also it still has only a few roots and it is black and white. The soil smells gassy and it also smells like expired milk.

Observation (day 3):
The soil feels very hard and it is quite rough. It still smells like gas mixed with milk.

Unit 3: Math Reflection

1.What did you find difficult?Why?
I found making a rectangle with the same area and perimeter hard because it is very confusing.

2.what did you like most about the unit?
My favorite part of the unit was learning how to measure the perimeter of a shape other than a square or rectangle.

3.what did you learn?
I learnt that to measure the area you could do multiplication.

4.what did you find easy?why?
I found measuring in half inches and centimeter easy because it is simple and easy once you know how it is done.

Invention convention

The name of my invention is the Laundry Hanger. The materials I used were some wood, some wood screws, some nails, and some paper. I made this invention because when my dad asks the laundry people to deliver the laundry and they come late at night they could hang the laundry on the hangers and take the money from the secret money box on the back. Anyone who has laundry problems could use this invention. The way my invention works is first the laundry people to come and hang the laundry on the hanger and take the money from the secret money box. The hardest part was hammering the nails. My favorite part of the unit was the invention convention because it was a good time to learn about other peoples invention.


Quarter goals 1


I set four goals for quarter 1 at UAS. My four goals are listed below along with my reflections about my progress towards the goals.

goal 1: healthy
I will eat more apples.

I will do that by eating an apple every day.

Goal2 : social
I will make new friends

I will do that by asking people’s names and there age.

goal 3 : home
I will help my nanny pack my bag.

I will do that by waking up earlier.

goal 4 : academic
I will become better at multiplication.

I will do that by practicing more often.