Kg 2 Buddy Reading

hello again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karl here today and i will be telling you about our buddy reading. It is literacy week.

I had a buddy called Bashir and I read to him a book called Back at the Ranch by Trinka Hakes Noble.

Here is the book I read to Bashir:

That’s all for now.

PS i am dressing up as Percy Jackson 🙂


My Fantasy Story

Hello everyone i just finished my fantasy story called Jerky Packson and the Battle in the Center. My main character (the hero) is called Jerky Packson. His freinds are called Gogabo and Karim.This is my fantasy story:Karl Mouchantaf fantasy story (7)



Steve Cole the author

1- What did you like?
I liked the authors enthusiasm because he was happy and active.

2- What did you find interesting?
What I found interesting was that his books are a very big series.

3- What did you learn about him.
I learned that he makes funny books that have robots and dinosaurs in them.