unit 8 math reflection

1.What did you learn in unit 8?

I learned how to write fractions on a number line. Also I learned how to compare fractions using <, >, and =.

2.What activities did you enjoy?

I enjoyed doing math centres because it was fun learning in groups.

3.What do you feel about fractions now that the unit is finished?

I feel that fractions are now very easy and I am confident with fractions.

4.What stuff I don’t need help with and I completely understand.

I can eaqualy devide shapes into fractional parts, I can use a number line to represent a fraction, I can represent a whole number as a fraction, I can measure line segments and objects to the nearest 1/4 inch, and I can tell time to the nearest minute.


Unit 5 math reflection

What was the most difficult?

The most difficult thing was learning place value.

What class activities/games did you enjoy?

I enjoyed the centers because the were fun and challenging.

Multiplication Shortcuts

-9’s trick using your fingers.
-skip counting.ex.2 4 6 8
-2’s double the number. Ex.2×4=8
-4*15 you do 4×5=20 and then 4×10=40 and 40+20=60.
-find a multiplication fact you know and add from that number.
-anything x11 is same number 2x ex.5×11=55.
-anything x’s 0 equals0.

These are the multiplication equations that I have trouble with:
13×9 and so on…

Multiplication/Division fact families:
10×9=90 9×10=90 90/10=9 90/9=10