Art!!! :)


I will be telling you and showing you my art projects…

The first one is the fish that I drew and coloured and used glue to outline the fish. Here it is…

IMG_1099 (1)

The next one is my monster. I made it with clay and paint. It was a lot of fun. Here it is…


The final one is my ice cream mix it really looks delicious. Here it is…


Sorry it’s sideways…

I hope you liked them!!!






My Art Work


1. What was your focus?
My focus was to make a masterpiece of pop art and making my picture 3-D.

2. Why did you choose the colours you used?
I used them because they stand out.

3. How does your art work make you feel?
It makes me feel proud because I did a good job.

4. Did you enjoy the project?
Yes because it made me feel happy.


Depth is making things look close or far.

I made the trees seem close to the viewer by drawing them big and I made the mountains seem far by drawing them small. I also made overlapping clouds by erasing some lines.