Student Self-Reflection!!!!!

Helloooooooooo!!!! Karl here again. I will be typing about my “Student Self-Reflection”. I will have two categories on the page and a paragraph about habits.

I consistently and effectively practice these habits: studies, is a self-advocate, problem-solves, exhibits self-control, follows directions, turns in work on time, uses class time productively, participates in classes. I practice these habits, but not regularly: does careful work, works well in groups, asks questions, works well independently, communicates with parents, uses planer, communicates with teachers.

In 4th grade this year, the habits I do well are: i always have a positive attitude when I do activities and when i am in class. I have no problems in classes and I always get my work given in on time. The only thing I struggle with is finishing my homework because I have two hour activities after school.

thanks for reading. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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