My Math IPP

imageHello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to be showing you my amazing math IPP.

I was really proud of my scores and I really want to get a better score next time.

Here is a picture of my IPP    ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

Isn’t it amazing?????

Thats all for now.


museum fieldtrip!!!!!!!!!!

hello everyone!

I just came back from a fieldtrip to a museum called Crossroads of Civilization Museum.

it was really fun and it had a lot of cool ancient artifacts like swords, guns, and shields. it also had some pottery and some books that were for famous people like rulers of the country or kings.

My favourite artifact was one of the daggers that I saw. it was shiny from the blade and had a very cool design on the handle. it used to be used by some people in the U.A.E and probably other countries.



Museum day

Hello everyone! I will be telling you about my museum project.

I made a double-headed serpent. I made it out of clay though it is actually made out of wood, conch shell, oyster shell and mosaic stones. It was so fun.


Kg 2 Buddy Reading

hello again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karl here today and i will be telling you about our buddy reading. It is literacy week.

I had a buddy called Bashir and I read to him a book called Back at the Ranch by Trinka Hakes Noble.

Here is the book I read to Bashir:

That’s all for now.

PS i am dressing up as Percy Jackson 🙂


Student Self-Reflection!!!!!

Helloooooooooo!!!! Karl here again. I will be typing about my “Student Self-Reflection”. I will have two categories on the page and a paragraph about habits.

I consistently and effectively practice these habits: studies, is a self-advocate, problem-solves, exhibits self-control, follows directions, turns in work on time, uses class time productively, participates in classes. I practice these habits, but not regularly: does careful work, works well in groups, asks questions, works well independently, communicates with parents, uses planer, communicates with teachers.

In 4th grade this year, the habits I do well are: i always have a positive attitude when I do activities and when i am in class. I have no problems in classes and I always get my work given in on time. The only thing I struggle with is finishing my homework because I have two hour activities after school.

thanks for reading. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!