My Art Work


1. What was your focus?
My focus was to make a masterpiece of pop art and making my picture 3-D.

2. Why did you choose the colours you used?
I used them because they stand out.

3. How does your art work make you feel?
It makes me feel proud because I did a good job.

4. Did you enjoy the project?
Yes because it made me feel happy.

unit 8 math reflection

1.What did you learn in unit 8?

I learned how to write fractions on a number line. Also I learned how to compare fractions using <, >, and =.

2.What activities did you enjoy?

I enjoyed doing math centres because it was fun learning in groups.

3.What do you feel about fractions now that the unit is finished?

I feel that fractions are now very easy and I am confident with fractions.

4.What stuff I don’t need help with and I completely understand.

I can eaqualy devide shapes into fractional parts, I can use a number line to represent a fraction, I can represent a whole number as a fraction, I can measure line segments and objects to the nearest 1/4 inch, and I can tell time to the nearest minute.