Lebanese food

This Lebanese food is called Kebbe. It is made out of Beef minced meat, bulgar wheat, onions and corn oil. It is an important food in Lebanon because the Lebanese food usually involves the use of fresh and healthy ingredients. Even though the Kebbe is fried, it’s combined ingredients are healthy. Kebbe is a famous Lebanese food and is served in most mezze. However lots of people eat it as a snack. Also people make a filling for the Kebbe that is made of minced meat, onions and pine nuts.


Sports day

On sports day we played soccer, long jump, tug O’ war, wheelbarrow race, and clown ball stuffing. My favourite activity was soccer because I am super good at it and we won 3 1. I also liked tug O’ war because we won it. My team came second and I love that because you know the saying first is worst second is best! Finally I wish that there was a basketball match next year. Also I wish that I am not on green team next year.



Dubai Museum

I learned that the United Arab Emirates has changed over time because of the people that live in the United Arab Emirates. They changed it by building new stuff like malls. At first the houses use to be made out of tree branches and straw. But now they are made out of bricks. Also they used to walk in the olden days but now we travel by cars and planes. There used to be no scuba diving gear to pearl dive but now people can stay under water for hours.