Depth is making things look close or far.

I made the trees seem close to the viewer by drawing them big and I made the mountains seem far by drawing them small. I also made overlapping clouds by erasing some lines.


Unit 5 math reflection

What was the most difficult?

The most difficult thing was learning place value.

What class activities/games did you enjoy?

I enjoyed the centers because the were fun and challenging.

Science fair reflection

1.My experiment is called “THE LIQUID MIX.”

2.I came up with this question because of my milk allergy.

3.I found out that when you mix milk with food colouring and dish washing detergent the mixture becomes green because of the amount of fat in the milk.

4.My favourite part was doing the experiment because it was cool, interesting and very amazing.

5.I found observing the mixtures hard because they were a little bit the same.

6.I would do the same thing but add baking soda to the mixture.i would do this to se if the reaction is the same.

7.I will mix vinegar apple juice water and baking soda all together.