I learned you can die from eating too much junk food and unhealthy drinks. More children (30,000) died eating unhealthy food, than adults (10,000).

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I learned you can recycle in many different ways. You can also recycle many different things, like glass bottles, paper, and boxes. Recycling is better for the environment. We should try to recycle more and use only recycled things to be better to our planet.Related image

Animals and people can die from pollution. It damages your body, brain, and lungs. It does not allow your brain to work properly. Your brain controls your lungs and the rest of your body. Pollution is deadly to animals, humans, plants, and also our planet.

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In math, I learned about multiples, factors, prime and composite numbers. Prime numbers are numbers that can be divided by one and me only. They have only two factors. Composite numbers have more than two factors. An example of a composite number is 12. Its has 1 and 12, 2 and 6, 3 and 4 as factors. Multiples are when you multiply two numbers together. An example is multiples of 6 are 12, 18, 24, 30. Factors are numbers that can be divided into that number. An example is factors of 9 are 1 and 9, 3 and 3.

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 Writing is good for your hand and mind. Using your imagination makes magic flow in your mind. This magic lets you see how the characters are and while you write the characters come alive in your mind. You can create any story you want. You can use different colors and handwriting when you are writing the story. Related image







UOI unit 3

I learnt that advertisements can trick your mind and you shouldn’t believe in everything you. Advertisements are made by companies so you can buy their products. The better the advertisement is the more the people would like to buy it. Advertisements are everywhere, like on TV, Youtube, magazines and newspapers. These are some of the things that advertisements could be on, there are plenty more ways to advertise things.

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Reading Response Journal Unit One Reflection

For our first unit of Reader’s Workshop we learned to read fiction books intensely. We learned about “stop and jot” or making notes of our thinking on post-its. By writing down our thoughts and questions as we read we are better able to remember and understand the stores. We also learn about character traits, author’s purpose and theme.

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My Own Country— Yama

At school we learned about governments and systems that can help a  community and city and people to live a nice day and we have to get a partner my partner is Peter we said if you come we will give you 1,000,000$$$$$$ cons to play gams 🙂 and if you win a soccer game you get 100,000,000$$$$$$$$$. 🙂 country name Yama.