Ramadan News

Dear Parents,

Al Salamu Alaykum, hope you are enjoying Ramadan’s blessings. I just want to inform about what we are doing now in Islamic KG2, especially since we have a different schedule in Ramadan. Because of this schedule, I’m lucky to see your children three times on one week and two times on another week (depending on the days). In the last couple of weeks, we have done many Ramadan activities, which you can find on my Islamic Instagram:


Also, the kids really enjoyed their time while learning more about the traditions of Ramadan. The activities we did consisted of sharing favorite dishes, talking about good deeds, times of Ramadan, etc. Furthermore, we went over Surat Al Nass and saw who memorized it and who didn’t. Whoever memorized it, is already prepared for the next Surah. Although, don’t fret if your child did not memorize it, do not feel any pressure to make them do so.

Also, we took a lesson called “I love my Family”, which talks about how to treat one’s parents and family members. Although, they already know a lot about it. Your homework, as parents, is to please send me a family picture, ASAP.

May Allah Except your Prayers in this Holy Month.

Best Regards,

Ms. Nissreen