Week Beginning Sunday 2nd February

Literacy Week Objectives:

8 – Listens to and understands language.

9 – Uses language to express thoughts and needs.

10 – Uses appropriate conversational and other communication skills.

17a – Uses and appreciates books and other texts.

17b – Uses print concepts.

18 – Comprehends and responds to books.


Next week we will be featuring a number of books throughout the week, mainly child initiated with their likes and dislikes.  So stay tuned to our class Instagram and Class Dojo pages to see our daily reads!


Happy Literacy Week ahead!


Week Beginning 26th of January

Objectives of the week:-

3b- Solves social problems

11a-Attends and engages

17a- Uses and appreciates books and other texts

21a- Understands spacial relationships

Questions of the Week:-

-Which will we find more of on our litter walk: paper or bottles?

-What did we find on our litter walk?

-How will litter impact animals ?

-Where do the things that we recycle go?

Books of the Week:-



Week of January 19, 2020

Objectives of the week:

11D Shows curiosity and motivation

11E Shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking

17A Uses and appreciates books and other texts

18A Interacts during reading experiences, book conversations, and text reflections

20B Quantifies


Question of the Week

Where does out trash go after we though it way?

Do you have a question for our visitor?

Which has more water bottles?

Should you throw paper out of the window of a car or building?

Books for the Week








Week 12th January 2020

Objectives of the Week:

16a  Identifies names and letters

16b  Identifies letter-sound correspondence

20a  Counts

20b  Quantifies

20c  Connects numerals  with their quantities


Questions of the Week:

What does it mean to reuse something?  How can we reuse these things?

What does it mean to reduce something?

What does it mean to recycle something?

What does it mean to compost something?

What would happen to our environment if we didn’t have trash bins?


Books for the week