Week beginning 24th of November

Objectives of the Week:-

16a- Identifies and names letters

22a- Measures objects

23- Demonstrates knowledge of patterns

21b- Understands shapes


Questions of the Week:-

Who takes care of trees?

Which food will help us be healthy and strong?

Books of the week:-


Week of November 17th

Objectives for the Week:

15a  Notices and discriminates rhyme

15b Notices and discriminates alliteration

16a Identifies and names letters

17b Uses print concept

22a Measures objects

Questions of the week:

What food comes from trees?

Books of the week

Week of November 10th

Objectives for the week:

21b – Understands shapes

3a – Balances needs and rights of self and others

14b – Engages in sociodramatic play

15a – Notices and discriminates rhyme

19b – Writes to convey meaning

Question of the week:

Who lives in trees?


Books of the week: