Week of Novemeber 3rd

Objectives of the week:

16a :Identifies and names letters

16b:Identifies letter sounds

19b: Writes to convey ideas and information

21b:Understands shapes

23:Demonstrates knowledge of patterns

35:Explores dance and movement concepts


Questions of the week:

Which of these comes from trees?

What do we want to find out about trees?

How does this feel?  (pine cone)

Have you ever seen a tree like this?

What fruit  comes from this tree?


Books of the week:

Week of 13th of October

Objectives for the week:-

2b- Responds to emotional cues

11c- Solves problems

11d- Shows curiosity and motivation

11e- Shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking

16a- Identifies and names letters

19a Demonstrate writing skills: writes names


Questions of the week:-

Can you write the letters in your name?

What sounds can you hear around the school?

What can you create using the art materials?

Books of the Week:-







Week of October 6, 2019

Objectives of the Week

4-Demonstrates traveling skills

5- Demonstrates balancing skills

6- Demonstrates gross motor manipulative skills

15c- Notices and discriminates discrete units of sounds

15b-Shows awareness that some words begin the same

21b – Understands shapes

23- Patterns

Question of the Week

Can you make this shape with your hands?

What do you like to do with your friends?

What book would you like to read today?

What do you do if you and your friend what the same toy?


Books of the Week