Week Beginning 28th April


4- Demonstrates traveling skills

5- Demonstrates balancing skills

15b- Notices and discriminates alliteration

15c- Notices and discriminates discrete units of sound

18a-Interacts during reading experiences, book conversations and text reflections

20a- Uses number concepts and operations

21a- Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes

23- Demonstrates knowledge of patterns

Questions of the week

What is a simple machine?

What do these objects have in common?

How can we use these objects?

What do we want to find out about simple machines?

Books of the Week

Week of April 22nd

Objectives for the week:-

4- Demonstrates traveling skills

14b Uses symbols and images to represent something not present: Engages in sociodramatic play

15a Notices and discriminates rhyme

17a Uses and appreciates book and other texts

17b Uses Print concepts

20a. Counts

20b Uses number concepts and operations: quantifies

21b- Understands shapes

Questions of the week:-

How do insects help the earth?

Which of these lives in the ground?

What is pollination?

How many corners/sides does _____ shape have?

Can you tell me some words that rhyme?


Books of the week:-