Week of March 17th

Objectives for the week:

8a Listens to and understands increasingly complex language: Comprehends language

9a Uses language to express thoughts and needs: Uses an expanding expressive vocabulary

12b Remembers and connects experiences: Makes connections

15a Demonstrates phonological awareness, phonics skills, and word recognition: Notices and discriminates rhyme

15b Notices and discriminates alliteration

19b- Writes to convey ideas and information

20a Number concepts and operations: Counts

21-Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes

23 Demonstrates knowledge of patterns

24 Uses scientific inquiry skills

25 Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things

28 Uses tools and technologies to perform tasks


Our questions of the week:

What is this a picture of? (Insect close up)

Where should we look for insects today?

What colors do you see on this insect? (display a photo of an insect you observed)

Which weights more?  2 objects and a balance scale


Our books for the week:

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