Week of 25th of February

This week we will begin our new Unit of Inquiry ‘There are many different insects which have a role in our environment’.

Our Questions of the Week:-

  • What features do all insects share?
  • Which insects have you seen?
  • How do insects move?

Objectives of the week:-

15b- Demonstrates phonological awareness, phonics skills, and word recognition:Notices and discriminates alliteration

15c – Notices and discriminates discrete units of sound

16a- Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet: identifies letter sound correspondence

20b- Quantifies numbers

20c- Connects numerals with their quantities

22a- Compares and measures: measures objects

36  Explores drama through actions and language

9d- Tells about another time or place 

18a- Interacts during reading experiences, book conversations, and text reflections

Book of the Week:-

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Under the Lemon Moon


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