Week of September 23rd to 27th

We had another great week in KG1. This week children explored their feelings, how to recognize their own feelings and respond appropriately to the emotions of others. We studied different facial expressions and discussed how we knew what each child was feeling. Children came up with different strategies they could use for when they feel sad, scared, angry etc. This topic also tied in nicely with why we have rules in school. Children recognized that rules help to keep everyone at school safe and happy.

This week we will take a more in-depth look at rules and why they are important. We will also be discussing our schedules in school.

Our two questions of the week are

Q1. What are our rules?

Q2. When do things happen at school?

Our stories this coming week are Charlie Anderson, Peeny Butter Fudge and Jalape├▒o Bagel.

Our rhymes this coming week are Hickory Dickory Dock and One, Two, Buckle My Shoe.

We will also be be doing several activities based on using positional language appropriately. For example when jumping from one stepping stone to the next children must describe where they are in relation to an object.. I am behind the chair, I am next to the library, I am in between the table etc.

Children will explore the concept of following rules and expectations through playing instruments.

As a grade level we will also begin planting seeds next week. This is a fantastic learning experience for children to follow a plants development and to eat vegetables they have sown.

The main objectives we will be focussing on this week will be:

1(b) Follows limits and expectations

8(a)-Listens to and understands increasingly complex language: comprehends language

11(a) Attends and engages

16(a)-Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet: identifies and names letters.

18(a)–Comprehends and responds to books & other texts: ┬áinteracts during reading experiences, book conversations, and text reflections

21(a)- Explores and describes spatial relationships: understands spatial relationships

We look forward to another great week in KG1!

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