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November 30, 2017…

on December 1, 2017


This week the children did many activities about the UAE! We created a UAE coloring book, painted camels, palm trees and mosques, made UAE bracelets, built mini Burj Khalifa’s from clay, drew pictures of what we would spend 100 AED on and so much more!!! Mohammed’s mom came and spoke to us about all the changes that Dubai has seen over the years and how it looks so different than when she was a little girl! We learned that the UAE is a combination of 7 Emirates and learned words like abaya, ghutra, kandora, burqa, falcons, dates, etc.  In our centers, the children used their five senses as they explored items from the UAE, smelled different scents, tasted local foods, touched items and watched a video clip on the UAE. We also tried our best to learn the UAE National Anthem!

On Wednesday the children dressed in UAE national clothing and in colors of the UAE flag. Thanks to our 3 parents (Leo’s mom, Nadine’s mom and Jude’s mom) who volunteered to help out with our UAE center rotations. They took small groups around to the 14 different activities. Thank you to all the Emirati families in Pre-K, KG-1 and KG-2 who brought in UAE foods for us to enjoy. There will be LOTS of photos to come!!!




Next week we will be reading lots of stories and versions of The Gingerbread Man. We will make Gingerbread cookies on Tuesday – Would any parent be willing to take our Gingerbread cookies home to bake them on Tuesday and return them on Wednesday? – If you are able too, please let me know through email! – Thanks!


No school on Sunday 3rd December – Enjoy the long weekend!!!

The December calendar came home this week – Please keep in a special place as there are several important events taking place these next 2 weeks!!!

If you have not done so already please send your child’s portfolio to school on Monday 4th December

We invite all parents to come to our Winter Celebration on Thursday 7th of December at 8am in the school Cafeteria- We will be singing a song and eating breakfast together. Please sign up for what you would like to bring on this link .Children are to come to school dressed in festive party clothes.

As always, thank you so much for reading the blog… we are learning so much and making wonderful memories this year in KG1… Mrs. Beam 🙂

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