November 30

Get Your Kids Talking About the Music!

Many parents asked at parent conference, ‘What can I do to help my child in music?’ My answer was the same for everyone, ‘Let your children listen to as much music as possible, and try and vary the music they listen to’.

Now, can we take this a step further? When they are listening to a piece of music, whatever it may be, try asking them some of these questions to get their music brain working a little bit harder! 

  • Where do you think this music sounds like it comes from? What country? What makes you think that?
  • Do you hear a voice or voices singing the songs? What kind of voice(s)? A man? A woman? Children? Many people? Do they sing in the same language we speak, or a different one?
  • What kind of instruments do you hear? Do they sound like instruments with strings? Do you hear drums? How do you think people play these instruments — with bows or sticks or their hands or their mouths?
  • Do you think this kind of music was created for dancing, or relaxing, or for lullabies, or to tell a story? Does this music make you want to dance?
  • How does this music make you feel? Is it happy music, sad music, scary music, funny music, or another kind?
  • How do you think the people playing the music are feeling?

Family playing guitar

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