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Sharjah astronomy and space sciences


I learned a lot in the field trip and I had so mush fun!

I really enjoyed the planetarium film that we watched it was so cool! Also I learned why the planets orb around the sun its because the sun is the largest so it has the most magnetic force so all the planets orbs it.

But I still wonder will we find another solar system that we can live in?

I used to think there is one solar system wish is this one that we live in, but now I know that there is billions of solar systems!

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Exhibition Reflection


YAY!! Exhibition is finely over all the hard work is done so let me tell you about it.

So first I was doing about Gender Equality and we had to work in a group the people in my group was Ai Maeno, Amir Kahale and Andrei Martin Nistor.

And it was so fun working with them. We had a mentor Callie Cantu she help us a lot thank you!! And we did a action we presented to 4 graders it was so fun!!

At the end we had to do a information report and that was the hardest part of exhibition.   

And we did a letter to next year 5 grader about exhibition too!!


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