June 15th, 2017

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School ends at 11:45 on June 20th.

Happy Father’s Day on June 18th!!


What We Did This Week

On Sunday, the children had Moving Up Day where they visited 3 KG2 classrooms.  They learned about the expectations for KG2, read a book, learned a counting to 100 song and did some table top activities. Mr. Fields came in to do a lesson on feelings about moving up to KG2.  We worked on our literacy skills and practiced reading and spelling cvc words, played some adding games, made a retell for 5 Little Monkeys, made some things for Father’s Day and drew and wrote about the villains in the fairy tales we have read.  On Thursday, we found all the upper case letters hidden around the room and colored in the corresponding lower case letter when we found it.

What’s Coming Up Next Week

Next week is the last week of school.  It’s hard to believe!!  We will be making puppets to retell the elephant and piggie stories we have read, we will draw and tell about our favorite things in KG1 and do some literacy centers and adding games.

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