June 8, 2017

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School ends at 11:20. Many parents are picking up their children 15-20 minutes late.  Please be on time.  Thanks!

The last day of school is on June 20th.  School will end at 11:45 on this day.

I am moving back to Canada after 10 years at UAS.  This has been my home and where my children have grown up.  One of my favorite things about being here for so long is seeing the students I have taught growing up over the years.  I would love it if you kept in contact with me – my personal email address is jenmemjayali@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for your gift!!  I really appreciate it. I plan on buying a special painting with it that will remind me of my time here.  I will post a picture next week!!

What We Did This Week

This week we learned the song There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.  The children made a craft so they can retell this song as well as drew and wrote about what they think the old lady ate.  At literacy centers, the children worked at sorting by beginning sound, writing cvc words or reading. We also retold Little Red Riding Hood in our own words and put the pictures from the story in order.


What’s Coming Up Next Week

On Sunday, the children will have a Moving Up Day.  They will go to three KG2 classes to see what next year is going to be like.  We will be making some things for Father’s Day, finding the alphabet hidden around the room, participating in literacy centers and doing some adding.   There are no more swimming classes.



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